We started JBP in early 2016 with a clear focus; to increase community resilience to natural disasters.  Floods, cyclones, typhoons, storm tides, erosion - no matter the weather phenomenon we want to study it, understand it, plan for it and propose ways to minimise impacts.  It is our goal to work on the worlds weather-related problems.

We believe in Integrated Flood and Coastal Risk Management, which is based on the principles that we cannot rely on infrastructure alone to solve our problems.  Holistic strategies need to include numerical modelling, innovative engineering designs, nature-based engineering, property-level resilience, and the introduction of new technology such as early warning systems.  What brings us together is our focus on this innovation; which we aim to do every day.

Whilst there are many challenges ahead, we feel that by driving forward these initiatives we can help a wide range people living throughout South-East Asia, the Indo-Pacific and here in Australia.  For those early adaptors we are already seeing the benefits through a reduction in flood and coastal risks, better infrastructure design, and advance warning of flooding.  


We are always looking for like-minded people to push forward our technology, and invite any interested parties to get in touch.  

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