AssetCoast has been developed to monitor and manage the risks posed by coastal processes to infrastructure, using a risk-based approach to asset management.  Historically, coastal asset management systems have studied the main defence as a stand alone component but in reality, many of our coastal defences are made up of several components, including beaches, groynes and seawalls, that all contribute to the composite coastal defence function.

AssetCoast offers a standard approach to coastal infrastructure risk assessment, combining a standard condition assessment procedure, the GISmapp ipad data collection system, structure deterioration projections and numerical modelling.


 It allows government or asset managers the ability to:

  • Undertake asset inspections for groynes, seawalls, revetments, rock armour, sheet pile, plus a range of other masonry, timber or steel structures

  • Log and prioritise defence defects

  • Link defences to beach profiles, regional coastal monitoring data and detailed structure information

  • Links to as-built drawings

  • View a log of previous and upcoming maintenance work

  • Access full hard copy inspection reports

  • Add photographs from members of the public.

Bespoke ipad app

An iPad app has been developed, populated with a standard form for coastal asset inspections. This allows users to classify structures, record defects, take photos, condition score defences and register health and safety issues whilst on site. With a weatherproof case fitted, this allows users to collect data in all weather conditions.

Online database

Having been out on asset inspection, the information can be easily uploaded onto the online AssetCoast database. A single portal is created for each asset with all data held in one convenient location. Data from inspection is stored both spatially and in tabular format, allowing a map based view of defences and defects that can be colour coded to indicate condition or urgency of works.

Condition assessment

The physical condition of the defence is a key component of an asset management system.  AssetCoast uses a standard approach to structural condition grading. By assessing visible attributes against standard indicators it

follows a scoring system from very poor to very good (1-5), and includes deterioration curves and a method for logging defects.  This allows repeatable assessments that can be applied across a range of assets.  

Risk assessment

AssetCoast follows a risk-based approach to prioritisation and management, considering the liklihood of failure due to a number of different factors - not just the asset conditon.  Assesments consider the condition of the defence and the risks posed from coastal erosion, wave overtopping and sea level surge.  These can be projected over a range of time epochs (e.g 2015, 2025, 2115, 2105) taking into consideration deterioration and climate change, to assess when an asset will advance into a high-risk category, allowing preventitive works to be scheduled through long-term investment plans.  

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