Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 

We undertake a range of 3D modelling using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for coastal, marine, riverine, flooding and scour problems. 


Bridge Scour Simulation of three-dimensional flow around fixed bridge piers to estimate shear stress (kPa) the incipient motion of sediment transport and resultant scour.

Bridge afflux investigation Bridge constriction modelling, investigation of afflux, increased backwater level, overflow onto floodplain.

Coastal structures Modelling of wave processes, structure interactions, overtopping, sedimentation, flood control gates, scour of outfalls and stormwater channels.

Fishways Three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling to investigate the hydraulic behaviour of complex structures, velocity, resting zones etc.

Pressure, force and velocity Simulation of flow through structures to estimate boundary pressure, forces, and velocity, and eddy currents.

Thermal plume modelling Simulation of thermal discharge plumes, nearfield mixing, far field extent mapping (integrated with Delft3D modelling packages).

Non-standard structures We undertake a range of bespoke, including syphonic drainage analysis, rating curve derivation and structures assessments.


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