A Coastal Forecasting System For The Moray Firth

The JBA Group developed the Moray Firth Coastal Forecasting System; the largest coastal early warning service ever developed in Scotland.  The system covers approximately 500 miles of coastline from Fraserburgh adjacent to the North Sea to Wick near the Pentland Firth, encompassing three local authority areas, 44 coastal communities and three harbours.


The system downscales regaional forecasts by using an integrated SWAN regional wave transformation model, Neural Network overtopping calculations, a PDM hydrologic model, 1D flow model, and a 2D JFlow inundation model.  The integrated forecasting system combines the coastal and fluvial components, providing forecasts of still water level, near-shore wave height, wave overtopping rate, rainfall-runoff, river flows, tidal interaction and the resulting coastal flood inundation.

These forecasts have allow Flood Warning Duty Officers to issue regional coastal flood alerts to targeted flood warnings areas between 48 hours and five days in advance, allowing local authorities, emergency responders, businesses and local residents to prepare for the forecast conditions. 

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