Asset inspections and erosion protection

The risk of extreme weather is a regular theme across large utility networks.  Thr JBA Group have brought new technology and efficiencies for the managemnt of large-scale scour, erosion, flood and earthwork examinations which are ideally suited for Australian conditions. 


Using tools such as GISmapp, these have allowed us to undertake network-wide risk assessments, including: 

  • 8,000 above-ground assets 

  • 616 sub-stations and 1378 primary grid sites 

  • 300 water facilities

  • 150 coastal defence assets

Recent inspections have included the stability of an electricity pylon that was placed at risk following significant bank erosion.  Our team undertook a geomorphological assessment to advise on the best approach to either protecting or relocating the pylon. This involved a site based assessment, hydraulic modelling, impact assessment and engineering appraisal.  A combined apprach of partial relocation, bank protection and armour stabilisation was agreed, and the risk removed from the pylon.  

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