Our civil design team includes coastal, waterway and flood engineers that undertake concept and detailed designs, numerical modelling, and options appraisals for new structures



We deliver options analysis, concept design, modelling and detailed design for councils, government agencies, ports, marinas, private organisations and public land, undertaking designs to mitigate bank instability, slip circle failures, coastal erosion, flood protection, waterway failures, and scour protection.

Our work includes:

  • Coastal engineering (rock revetments, seawalls, breakwaters, groynes, beach nourishment and dredging)

  • Marine engineering (piling, quay walls, boat ramps, barge landing ramps, scour protection)

  • Waterway engineering (bank rehabilitation, rock revetment design, slope stability analysis, fishpass design)

  • Flood engineering (flood and stormwater infrastructure, levees and retaining walls, detention basins)


Quaywall and Barge Landing Design, Cooktown  


Detailed coastal engineering to support windfarm construction using an upgraded barge landing site.  Tasks included inspection of marine infrastructure, ground investigation, concept design (upgraded facilities, ramp and quaywall options), hydraulic assessment, detailed design of quaywall berthing structure, bresting piles.

Wynnum Foreshore Coastal Condition Assessment

Wynnum Foreshore.jpeg

An engineering condition assessment over 3km of coastal frontage beween Manly and Wynnum, QLD.  The frontage consisted of heritage listed stone masonry seawalls, with associated groynes and sandy pockets.  

The survey considered the revetment condition against a baseline standard, considering the physical, material, and structural condition, its performance standard, safety issues, or aesthetic values.  Outputs included defect identification, residual life estimates, and recommendations for repair and upgrades.  

John Oxley Reserve Foreshore Protection 

John Oxley Erosion Study - JORBS.jpeg

A waterway bank protection project which included in-situ field measurements of boat wake-waves, analysis of wind/wave/current loads, concept design of nature-based and hard protection options, geotechnical analysis and stakeholder workshops.  The final detailed design included multiple fish-friendly rock fillet structures, incorporating reef balls and associated mangrove planting to protect the waterway banks.

Kempsey Foreshore Protection Designs

Redi-rock Screen Grab.PNG

Waterway engineering design of erosion protection on the Macleay River, Kempsey.  Tasks included the review of local and state legislation, analysis of hydrodynamic models, site investigations, new wind and boat wake wave modelling, concept design, cost-benefit and multi-criteria, detailed design of the final waterway protection structure.

Detailed design of Moreton Bay foreshore protection 


Design of erosion protection structures at Rocky Point, Russell Island and Champion Lane, Wellington Point. Structures were designed to mitigate ongoing erosion and protect assets, including electricity transmission pylons.  Tasks included site inspections, condition assessments, coastal processes modelling, concept design, rock sizing, detailed design, permit documentation, technical specification, and costing

Alice Street Flood Levee Design  


A detailed design project for flood levee remediation works.  The structure is a part of the Clarence flood protection works, and consists of a levee, waterway bank and drainage structures which has been experiencing erosion at the toe of the riverbank, oversteepening of banks, loss of vegetation cover, illegal structures and moderate deterioration.  Tasks include site inspections, ground investigation, geotechnical analysis, concept design, option appraisal, engineering design, geotechnical modelling, drafting, costing, documentation and For Construction design plans. 

North Currumbin Training Wall Design

Currumbin 3.JPEG

A detailed design and constructability project for a training wall upgrade.  Tasks included predesign meetings, preliminary design drawings, permits and applications, construction methodology report, environmental and design risk assessment, detailed design drawings, safety in design report, permit submission and RPEQ certification

Moreton Bay Ferry Terminals Coastal Hazards and Design


New coastal modelling, impact assessment and coastal designs for a ferry terminal upgrade project in Moreton Bay, Aus. The study assessed tidal currents and wave conditions around the proposed structure upgrade using Delft3D, undertook extreme wave calculations and rock wall sizing to meet design specifications

Detailed design for Masthead Drive Revetment Wall Renewal


Detailed design of two canal revetment walls.  Tasks include predesign meetings, design drawings, geotechnical investigation, permits and application reporting, construction methodology, environmental and design risk assessment, detailed design drawings, construction cost estimates, safety in design report, and certification

Detailed design for River Heads Barge Landing Upgrade 


A project to complete the detailed design and engineering for a barge ramp upgrade at River Heads, with vessels passing to Fraser Island, Australia.  The project included concept designs, considering different ramp arrangements and cluster pile designs to meet vessel operational requirements, RoRo ramp design and underkeel clearance

Detailed design for Pier Park, Dayman Park, and Boonooroo revetments 


Coastal design over three frontages.  Pier Park is a 250m rock revetment, with 2.65t primary armourstone, protecting houses near the centre of Urangan. Dayman Park is an interlocking blockwork seawall, spanning 120m, which protects local infrastructure and services.  Boonooroo is a 145m rock revetment, with a rock size of 1.9t, protecting a boat ramp and houses.  Each site included concept design, planning and previous stakeholder engagement, site investigations, data analysis, new numerical modelling, and civil design

Design for the Maroochy River Groyne Field Renewal Project 


The investigation, detailed design, physical modelling and whole-of-life costing for the replacement of the Maroochy River groyne field.  It included detailed R&D in Geosynthetic Sand Containers (GSC), increasing their functionality and lifespan so they can be more widely used for coastal protection.  The final designs used the worlds-first 8t ‘T-Rex’ GSC units, including a construction and investment plan, approval lodgement, and preparation of tender documents for construction, with engineering certification.

Detailed design and permit documentation of Binnacle Close revetment wall


A detailed design and permit documentation project for revetment works in Cleveland, QLD.  Tasks included predesign meetings, design drawings, geotechnical investigation, permits and applications reporting, specification of construction methodology, environmental and design risk assessment, detailed design drawings, construction cost estimates safety in design report, permit submission and RPEQ certified drawings

Williams Street Breakwater Extension, Redlands, Australia


Our engineers have completed the design of an extension to the William Street Breakwater in Cleveland, Queensland.  The current structure provides protection from extreme waves to local infrastructure.  This new project raised and extended the structure, building an allowance for climate change into the designs.  The project included preliminary design, detailed design, all permits and applications, harbour master review, and construction documentation.