Flood Foresight is a near real-time flood monitoring and forecasting system allowing the proactive management of local to global scale river flood risks and impacts before, during and after an event.  


The system provides users an increased response time during a natural disaster. It is web based and designed to be compatible with existing business intelligence and decision support tools in the insurance, infrastructure and civil contingencies sectors. 


The system has two main components:

  • The Screening tool which uses weather forecasts to provide globally consistent warning of possible river flooding up to seven days in advance. Displays forecast rainfall data and maximum return period exceeded in grid and catchment views, updated on a daily basis

  • The Monitoring tool which provides detailed real-time flood extents for ongoing river flooding events at daily and sub daily timescales, using live river gauge data. This provides inundation footprints during and after an event.






















Further information available at http://www.floodforesight.com/


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