Asia Pacific Flood Maps

Our flood hazard maps are available for the entire Asia Pacific region and provide precision flood depth data for both river (fluvial) and surface water (pluvial) flood risk in GIS format. Raster grid and Shapefile extents are available for all key return periods (20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1500 years) as well as flood defence areas and Hydrological Accumulation Zones (HAZ). Forming part of our global suite of hazard maps, this data is widely used in the insurance industry for both underwriting and accumulation management.

Flood Event Sets

We have generated stochastic flood event sets for multiple countries across the Asia Pacific. These event sets capture the spatial and temporal patterns of extreme precipitation and river flood events and can be used for a variety of purposes – including, but not limited to, building probabilistic (CAT) models, assessment of average annual losses (AAL) or damage ratios, or for assessing insured risk accumulations.

Scenario Models/Maps

Understanding worst case scenarios is important for large portfolios crossing flood susceptible regions.  In these cases it is important to understand the financial loss from a single event (or PML – Probable Maximum Loss). For this reason, we have created flood scenario footprints for multiple regions across Asia Pacific where insurers may perceive a high flood risk. Likewise, these scenarios can be modelled as required for clients on a one-off consultancy basis.  

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