Hydraulic flume

The ‘mini’ flume demonstrates the interaction of engineered structures with flow in a channel and can be set up inside, for example in a classroom or office.  


It shows the flow of water in a simple channel, driven by a system of re-circulating pumps. It features scale models of typical engineered structures such as weirs, bridges, culverts and debris screens. Observers can see in real time how different structures interact with the flow and what happens under flood conditions.


We are always looking for opportunities to use the tank to talk about fluvial processes and flood resilience studies, and we urge any schools, universities or events to get in touch.  

See Jeremy Benn on You Tube

In the 17 minute video to the right, we see the 'big brother' to our mini flume in action, with Jeremy Benn demonstrating some of the causes of flooding and how good design and maintenance of rivers and drainage channels can help to manage flood risk.