We developed bespoke forecasting and warning systems for local governments, national governments, transport networks, ports and operations affected by extreme weather.


Our systems are designed to support decisions that need to be made in the days before, during or after heavy rainfall, flooding, or coastal events occur, and allow a greater response time to users. 



We use our own software (Flood Foresight, Forecoast Marine) or Delft-FEWS to develop systems that link:

  • Your own information (at-risk houses, floor/road levels, operational thresholds etc.)

  • Recorded weather data (rainfall, stream gaiges, sea level gauges)

  • Forecast weather (upcoming astronomical tides, storm surges, rainfall, soil infiltration, wind, lightning)

  • 'Adaptors', such as the JFlow adaptor, that can link predicted rainfall to flood models.

We then perform 'downscaling' of predictions through numerical models.  The resulting site-specific weather and flooding conditions are used to to trigger alerts and warnings, predict flooding for emergency services, generate warning 'icons', issue warning messages, with the outputs able to be linked directly to Council webpages or Operational Control Centre displays.