ForeCoast® Marine

ForeCoast® Marine is a new weather risk management tool, being developed to integrate seasonal and short term weather predictions into port operations to mitigate weather downtime, increase efficiency during tidal windows, reduce health & safety risks and impacts to third parties. 

The tool is based on forecasting and ‘gamer mode’ technology, in use for commercial shipping, complicated marine construction projects and planning of ship-based operations.  The tool will include the following advanced weather forecasting and decision support tools:

  • Online and iOS (ipad) accessible interface, with phone/sms message capability

  • Weather forecasting centre streaming BoM data and meteorology briefings

  • Wave buoy data via streamed telemetry

  • Berth tranquillity alerts

  • Ship transit and berth planning system

  • Numerical UnderKeel Clearance (NUCK) and safety analysis system

  • Weather alert system.

Terminal operations early warning system

ForeCoast® Marine allows ship movements to be planned based on their scheduled arrival, travel time, berth selection, and operation duration based on upcoming weather and tidal windows.  Multiple ship types, berths and un/loading arrangements can be assessed to calculate the probability of disruption due to forecast conditions (e.g. wind, tides, seas, currents and waves), vessel and berth thresholds.  Upcoming conditions are compared against pre-defined operational thresholds to trigger early warnings through SMS and email. Alerts can be generated based on the potential for operational delays, insufficient tidal windows, Health and Safety risks, damage to third parties, impact to public infrastructure or environmental receptors.  

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