ForeCoast® Rail

In a response to extreme storm events in late 2013, we developed our ForeCoast® Rail early warning service for the railway sector.  Whilst designed for train operations, it is easily adaptable for any transport network, and is able to predict upcoming risks to assets and operations based on structural conditions and forecast conditions.  This web-based system is fed by national weather inputs, which can be embedded within route operational control procedures.  It allows impacts to be predicted due to rainfall, river, flow, scour or erosion up to five days ahead.  By being better prepared for storms, ForeCoast® Rail provides a unique and cost effective approach to reduce the impacts of weather events immediately, even before any engineering investments are made. 


It supports asset management by:

  • Guiding quick reaction to storm events

  • Allowing a targeted storm response

  • Streamlining post-event inspections and repairs, and

  • Reducing the duration of any speed restrictions or line closures. 

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