The Flood RISk Metric (FRISM) tool has been developed for fast economic damages assessments for any flood risk assessment.  The software operates within ArcGIS, allowing users to combine flood modelling results (e.g. depth grids) with property datasets and depth-damage parameters to assess economic, social or environmental impacts such as the potential number of properties flooded, their annual average damages (AAD), or the length of the road network inundated.  

FRISM has the capability to calculate economic damages through bespoke unit rates or published standards such as the Multi-Coloured Manual, which considers property damages, emergency costs, indirect and intangible damages and agricultural damages.  Where multiple design event flood hazard data is available, the software also computes the long-term annual average damages and present value costs.

Software Outputs

The software produces outputs both as spatial datasets and as Excel spreadsheets, on an individual receptor level or summarised over reporting units. These outputs allow great flexibility for the user to visualise the flood risk, or to import data into standard project appraisal spreadsheets, for example. A number of different scenarios (eg Existing Situation, Proposed Scheme) can be computed in the same FRISM project to support benefit:cost assessments and economic appraisals.  

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