GISmapp is an iOS (iPad) location-aware mapping system used to collect asset data on site, to guide asset inspections and to manage health and safety risks during site work. It is linked to a centralised web server, syncing data to a web-based mapping application for management and reporting.

GISmapp’s interface and functionality is completely customisable, allowing specific templates to be developed for asset data collection. We have several standard forms available for bridges, culverts, coastal and flood defences assessment which allow a consistent approach to above-ground asset inspections.  


An Innovative Approach

Once captured the data is linked to a centralised web server which provides data synchronisation and a web-based mapping.  A key innovation of the software is its handling of poor mobile networks: GISmapp is a semi-connected solution, making use of local storage where no data connectivity is available and revert to live connectivity and update once reliable connectivity is available.  This provides the best of both approaches and ensures data integrity during the data capture and retrieval processes. Following collection, the information can be easily uploaded onto the online GISmapp database, where a single portal is generated for each asset to store all data.  

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