Probabilistic models provide the most effective method of fully capturing an insurer/reinsurer’s portfolio exposure to a natural peril. Our JCalf® catastrophe modelling platform

provides guidance on re/insurance pricing as well as giving the client a view of their capital exposure at key return periods. Monte Carlo sampling is undertaken through JCalf® to fully quantify the secondary uncertainty of financial loss. Our catastrophe models currently cover Thailand, Malaysia, India, and Sri Lanka, with a new Vietnam model expected in late 2016


Customise Risk Analysis

JCalf® allows clients to control all the key modelling parameters. Users can choose to run models with our own recommended analysis settings or can specify their own choice of damage algorithm, number of samples, distribution of hazard intensities, and the ability to run the model with an average damage setting for rapid exposure assessment. Users can access all modelling components (including vulnerability functions and hazard intensities), making adjustments if desired.  

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