JFlow is our own two-dimensional hydrodynamic model, and our most successful international product. Run on the world's largest dedicated flood modelling computer grid, JFlow allows large-scale flood and hazard mapping in unparalleled timeframes.

In 2006, the JBA Group made a breakthrough by pioneering the use of GPU (graphics processing unit) technology to improve the speed and efficiency of the JFlow model.  By 2007, JFlow could be run up to a thousand times faster than before, leading to a step change in the scale of flood modelling.   

Projects we have delivered using JFlow 

  • National Australian Flood Maps: covering each state and territory at a 30 metre resolution.  Current improvements are increasing this to a 5m resolution, resolving individual streets and specific buildings. 

  • International Asia-Pacific Flood Maps: covering all countries int he asia pacific region at a 30m resolution

  • Global flood maps: which cover all rivers and surface water flooding, including defended and undefended areas.

  • UK comprehensive flood maps: the first national flood risk map to include six hazards:  river, coastal, surface water, groundwater, canal failure and reservoir dam break.

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