Another Cat 3 cyclone for WA, while the east floods

Whilst we had an unusually late start this year, two cyclones in two weeks has made up for lost time. Over on the West Coast TC Damien started as a broad area of low pressure in the Timor Sea, intensifying as it moved along the Kimberley coast. Winds turned hurricane-force on Friday 7 Feb 2020, with the system making landfall as a Category 3 severe tropical cyclone near Dampier on Saturday afternoon. Several Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) were directly under its path as it made landfall, with the Karrathra Aero AWS showing some amazing measurements as it recorded the cyclone 'eye' passing overhead. Meanwhile over on the east coast we were brushed by TC Uesi as it made its way down from P

Template: Writing Your First Blog Post

Write Your Intro Here Use this space to show who you are and what your first post is about. You may want to include something personal or funny. You can even a gallery. Add Your First Subtitle Break up your post into sections so it's easy for your visitors to read and follow along. “Quotes are a great way to add authority to your posts.” Write Your Main Section Your main section is the core of the story you’re telling in this post. You can make it as long or as short as you like. Include bullet points, numbers, images, galleries, videos and more - this is your space to be creative. It might help to break up your main section into 2 or 3 main points — or more! Each paragraph or two should foc

Template: Writing a “Tips” Blog Post

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Template: Writing a “How To” Blog Post

Your intro paragraph goes here. For a How To post, use this section to tell your reader exactly what they will learn in this post, e.g., how to write a blog post. Now Add a Subtitle Subtitles pop out to your readers and keep them scrolling down the page. Use your subtitle to keep readers with you. Add the main section of your post here. Include practical, actionable advice or share the step-by-step method on how to get something done. Break the process down into short, clear steps. E.g., here’s a look at how to write a blog post. Tackle these 5 steps and you’ll be live in no time! The first step of a how to post should tie into your intro. Make it compelling to keep readers with you. Your mi

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