Hydraulic modelling in Australia: A change of perspective

I’m lucky enough to have been working with JBPacific for 6 months on a transfer from our parent company, JBA Consulting, in the UK. I’m usually based in Edinburgh, Scotland but I had a feeling the Scottish winter of 2019 was going to be a grim one so I boarded a plane and started working in our Brisbane office. Aside from the absence of icey winds and haggis there’s been some serious adjusting to the scale of things here. A large part of my work involves developing hydraulic models of watercourses and coastal assets. My previous biggest TUFLOW model was a 20km long section of the River Tweed (the Scottish one!) for a flood study in the small town of Peebles. The valley isn’t exactly narrow b

Reflecting on three months in the private sector

Following 12 years’ in local government across two different Council’s, I made the decision to move to JBPacific in November last year. I had dabbled in a bit of private work from time to time, but after being a long-term local government employee, I definitely had a desire to diversify my professional career and to use my expertise in flood risk to help more people, so with the support (and a gentle push) from my family I made the leap. So what has the change to consultancy been like? Well let me start by saying, the ability to work with (and for) my community in managing flood risk is something I will never forget. Local government definitely instilled a passion in me to help the community

Is Brisbane a River City or a Coastal City?

This is a common argument between our fluvial and coastal teams, as both challenge for bragging rights for the most important extreme weather process. There are good arguments for both, but we will let you decide who has the better argument. From the flood team: Clearly it’s a river city, dominated by fluvial processes – rivers and creeks. It sits on the banks of the longest river in South-East Queensland, which is around 350km long. From an extreme-weather perspective, significant rainfall events have driven our largest inundation events – river floods – think 1893, 1974, and 2011. Brisbane is named after the Brisbane River (not the other way round) and the CBD is located over 24 km ups

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