Tidal Inundation studies and Coastal Vulnerability Area (CVA) mapping

Understanding the drivers of coastal risk is very important for the community. To assist communities to better understand coastal management issues, to evaluate coastal risks and to make management decisions about the coastal zone, detailed studies are required to determine risk from coastal hazards. Coastal hazards include: beach erosion, shoreline recession, coastal instability and inundation caused by tidal waters and the action of waves. To identify areas that may be vulnerable to coastal processes now or in the future, we are helping local governments in New South Wales develop their Coastal Vulnerability Area (CVA) mapping to fulfil Stage 2 of the Coastal Management Program (CMP), in c

Very Large GSCs for coastal protection

With travel restrictions being lifted in Queensland last week I was able to visit the Maroochy Groynes construction site, which are now installing very-large Geotextile Sand Containers (GSCs). Over the last four years JBPacific has investigated the local coastal processes and economics of the groynes and have now redesigned the existing geobag structures to withstand larger waves and have a longer lifetime. The Maroochy groynes are some of the earliest GSC structures in Australia, and although they are considered successful they needed new designs to withstand the constant wave forces. Unlike other GSCs in protected areas, they are exposed to swell from the Pacific Ocean with nearshore wav

HPC computing’s role in improving engineering design

As part of the JBA Group we are lucky to have access to one of the largest TUFLOW licence pools in the world along with our world-class data centres to really make the most of HPC computing. What this results in is some REALLY FAST simulations. With these capabilities we have been able to drastically increase the number of model runs we can do for a given project. This means we can do more calibration and validation but we can also thoroughly test the effects of many different engineering designs in some of the big estuarine systems we have in Australia. All within a timeframe similar to a TUFLOW Classic modelling project. Recent investments in our hardware have alone resulted in some of our

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