Australian Flood Maps:
Northern NSW 

Northern NSW Flood Maps

These maps are a high-resolution subset of the Australia Flood Map.  They were in development between 2018 to 2021, where the region was subject to additional catchment delineation, new hydrological assessment, re-run of the JFlow hydraulic model at a 5m resolution, simulation of pluvial and fluvial scenarios each with six return periods and detailed mapping.  The result is a set of new flood maps that span every watercourse between Bellingen and Tweed Heads, in a continuous dataset.  The modelling covers 250km (linear) and almost 3 million hectares in area, and includes the Bellingen, Coffs, Clarence, Richmond, Lismore, Ballina, Byron and Tweed Shire Councils in their entirety, in addition to parts of Kyogle, Tenterfield and Glen Innes.   


In addition to the new modelling approaches, the Northern NSW flood maps have only been possible due to the release of detailed weather and spatial information by Australian government agencies.  This includes the updated Bureau of Meteorology Intensity-Frequency-Duration datasets, the information within the ARR DataHub, and now Geoscience Australia 5m topography. 

Getting access

Our Northern NSW maps are platform agnostic and are available to everyone through a range of sources:

  • In-house directly from JBP

  • Via our wide range of resellers.

  • As part of a consultancy service to help identify exposure hotspots, run per-risk flood assessments and manage accumulations.

Flood data can be provided for any scale - property level, postcode, Council area, Northern NSW, or as part of our Australian Flood Map. 

Aus Flood Map - Northern NSW Infographic May 22.jpg