Pacific Island Flood Maps

Pacific Islands Flood Maps

Our Pacific Island Flood Maps have been developed since 2014 and provides undefended flood hazard maps for six return periods (20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,500-year).


They have been developed based on assessment of long-term rainfall records, river records, and statistical analysis to create new Intensity-Frequency-Duration datasets. 

Numerical Modelling has been undertaken using JFlow - dedicated flood modelling software run on the worlds largest dedicated flood mapping computer cluster. 

Elevation has been based on Intermap’s NEXTMap WORLD30 DSM and a variety of bareearth DTM datasets were used.

Use in the Pacific 

The use of these broad-scale flood maps is used to support hazard assessments, evacuation planning, and Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems.  

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