We provide flood maps, data, models, consultancy and on-ground support to the global insurance and reinsurance sector.


We have full coverage of high resolution flood hazard maps, data, probabilistic river and surface water flood models (CAT models) throughout Australia, Asia and the Pacific.  Combined with the ability undertake a post-event inspections, we provide unparalleled support to leading insurers, reinsurers, and reinsurance brokers.

Flood Hazard Maps

Flood hazard maps for the entire Asia Pacific region for both river (fluvial) and surface water (pluvial) flood risk for all key return periods (20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1500 years).


Our Technology: Flood Maps

Catastrophe Models

Probabilistic and catastrophe models for portfolio exposure to natural perils, containing Monte Carlo sampling to quantify the uncertainty of financial loss.

Our Technology: JCalf®

Post Event Inspections

Inspections to assess primary (and secondary) source and causes of damage, inundation, and expected scale of loss for flooding, 'flash flooding', stormwater and cyclone/ typhoon events. 

Maximum Risk Maps

Development of worst case exposure scenarios and mapping footprints to inform clients of their maximum financial loss estimates from a single event.

Our Technology: JFlow ForeSight

Flood Statistics

Geocoding of insured exposure data, flood statistics for aggregated boundaries, and assessment of relative risk due to underlying flood potential at different return periods.
Our Technology: FloodSTAT


We offer a range of consultancy services to the re/insurance sector, including bespoke flood scenarios, cyclone and typhoon assessments, re/insurance portfolio assessment and CAT model development. 


Available for fluvial and pluvial flooding 

Our CAT modelling software platform 

A super fast flood model  using GPU technology

Flood statistics analysis tool for aggregated boundaries

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