Making a splash in the Asia-Pacific

Yesterday’s office launch in Singapore marks another great leap for the JBA Family as we continue to grow in the Asia-Pacific region. Our regional team now have offices in Singapore (JBA Risk Management Pte Ltd), Australia (JBP) and Cambodia (MMA), allowing us to grow our unique style of weather risk management. We now have over 400 staff working in 20 offices based in five different countries, and proudly owned by our staff. With the new offices now open for business, we thought some introductions may be useful!

Jeremy Benn Pacific (JBP), based in Australia, will have a focus on Integrated Weather Risk Management. The team is led by Dan Rodger, who considers the integration of new technology within extreme weather management to be an exciting emerging market, where gains can be made across a range of sectors. Dan explains "all operations exposed to weather can benefit from these new systems. Our AssetCoast tool, which combines ipad data collection, risk mapping and cloud computing, is being used to prioritise coastal defence works and develop investment plans for local government. Our new Weather ForeSight tool, which converts rainfall forecasts to flood maps, is being taken up by Asset Managers to predict road closures a week ahead. Construction worksites will soon be benefitting from our inclement weather predictions for everything from working at height, crane operations and scheduling concrete pours, and we now have our Port and Marine Management Systems coming on-line predicting UnderKeel Clearance for ships and terminal berth closures.

This focus on risk management continues with our JBA Risk Management office in Singapore. Led by Iain Willis, the office has a focus on the insurance and reinsurance sector, providing a range of large-scale hazard maps, data, models, and consultancy support to the global insurance sector. This includes national-scale, high resolution flood maps at a 30m resolution which cover the Asia-Pacific region, and our very own catastrophe model that converts this data into financial loss estimates. See here to see Iain’s recent discussion on the growing risks to the Asia insurance industry.

Rounding out the team are the Mekong Modelling Associates (MMA). Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, they have a focus on hydraulic modelling, working on projects related to floods, hydropower, water networks and major water treatment works. Anthony Green, who leads the office, says "this is an exciting time for catchment management in South East Asia with the need to both adapt to climate change and also to balance the needs of economic growth against environmental and social justice agendas”. MMA provides expertise in hydrology and hydraulics covering the whole of the Mekong river basin and has links to local and international universities and research centres.

Please get in touch for any more information on our teams or our work.

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