Wave Overtopping Demonstration Tank

Whilst in the UK Dan Rodger worked with the JBA Trust (http://www.jbatrust.org/) on the development of several demonstration wave tanks. These are just some of many physical models the Trust use to support education and training activities, in particular the promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects. Whilst a little smaller than the Deltares Delta Flume, it is fully portable and able to be transported as needed.


In this 12 minute video, Dan uses the wave tank to demonstrate the effectiveness of different types of coastal defences on reducing overtopping and flood risk. The demonstration measures the rates of overtopping for the following defences and conditions: (i) a beach during a storm surge, (ii) vertical and recurved sea walls (with and without a beach), (iii) stepped and sloped revetments, (iv) rock armour, and (v) a submerged near-shore breakwater.

For those in Australia who would like to see the tank either for internal training or promotion of science and engineering please get in touch as JBP have our own tank available for Queensland (and perhaps NSW if they are lucky).

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