Our Mini Hydraulic Flume has arrived!

After taking the long journey from its workshop in Leeds, our demonstration hydraulic flume has arrived in Queensland. We recently performed an afternoon of demonstrations in our office in Spring Hill, using the tank to show the principles of open channel flow. What more could you want on a Friday?

The mini flume is a scale model of a river or stormwater channel, driven by a system of recirculating pumps and featuring typical engineered structures such as weirs, bridges, culverts and debris screens. It is particularly useful in helping to understand some of the causes of flooding and how the incorrect design of hydraulic structures can lead to problems.

The mini flume is completely portable, with dimensions approximately 1200mm long and 200mm wide rectangular channel. It fits inside the back of a large car and can be set up inside, for example in a classroom or office.

If you want to attend one of our Friday demonstration sessions, or know of an event that could use the flume, just get in touch.

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