Have you ever seen a giant enclosed Archimedes screw?

Perhaps its just me, but I had no idea these existed away from the science labs. So it was to my amazement that our UK team have just finished working on the design, procurement and management of a new installation in England.

The screw is being used in a pump station at an environmentally protected site, which needs to maintain water levels within +/-150mm of the ground level. The project constraints meant that a traditional submerged pump would not be suitable, and instead a screw pump was selected due to its ability to pump water at much lower speeds. Amazingly it also means a fish friendly option..... Although I wouldn’t want to be the first fish to try the voyage.

The pump it’s self is a vinyl ester construction, with stainless steel fittings minimising maintenance. The total weight of the unit installed was around 6 tons. Unfortunately, the screw itself is enclosed, so it can’t be used as a science demonstration. Still, I am sure Archimedes would be proud!

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