Nine months of the mini-flume

Nine months down, and many more to come! After flying through our first nine months of business, we have our sights firmly set on our one year milestone. But lets face it - projects involving numerical modelling, hydraulics and flood forecasting can often be a little difficult to explain when our friends ask us what we do. So this month we're looking back at the success of our mini-flume, as demonstrated below by Jeremy, which is bridging the gap and helping us to demonstrate the ins and outs of our jobs.

The mini-flume is completely portable, with dimensions approximately 1200mm long and 200mm wide rectangular channel. It features typical engineered structures such as weirs, bridges, culverts and debris screens, and is particularly useful in helping to understand some of the causes of flooding and how the incorrect design of hydraulic structures can lead to problems.

If you know of an event that could use the mini-flume, particularly in the promotion of STEM, please get in touch.

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