AssetCoast in Far North QLD

We have just finished a week of coastal site inspections in Far North QLD using AssetCoast Australia. It uses iPad-enabled coastal asset data collection functions (running on the GISmapp platform), provides a standard methodology for condition assessment, and assesses the key risks posed by storm tide inundation and beach erosion. The system has been modified from its UK-origins following field trials in WA, and now has a greater focus on beach management and Australia's range of 'soft' coastal defences rather than 20 types of seawalls (sorry England!).

Its currently being used for data collection for the Douglas Shire Council's Coastal Hazard Adaptation Scheme (CHAS). On our 150km round trip we visited 23 beaches, captured information on their primary and secondary defences, located all associated assets, mapped access points for future inspections, georeferenced all our photos, performed condition assessments, and identified and geotagged any structural defects. Not bad for a few days work! All the information is linked to the GISmapp webpage; which links all field data with available coastal inundation (storm tide) and coastal erosion estimates.

AssetCoast is just one of the templates available on the GISmapp platform. If you would like any information on developing your own iPad/online app system for any data collection, just let us know.

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