Our new coastal engineer Ollie joins the team

G’day Australia, I have just started work with JBP in Brisbane as a coastal engineer, after making the move from the UK.

I am originally from the UK where I completed an undergraduate master’s in Civil Engineering, and have since been working with JBA Consulting in Haywards Heath, UK. I have worked on a wide range of projects differing in scale, design level, and sector. These have combined both structural and coastal engineering for design projects, working from an outline business case through to project execution. My projects have included the detailed design of harbour strengthening works, reinforced concrete pressurised chambers, fluvial asset management, and large coastal protection schemes. Two of my recent schemes have included East Rhyl Coastal Defence Scheme and Cardiff Coastal and Estuarine Defence Scheme.

Figure 1: Our coastal defence scheme in Rhyl will be mitigating the extreme coastal flooding experienced in 2013.

Coming to Australia I will be focusing on coastal design projects. I am already getting started, developing designs for new erosion protection structures in Mackay and the Fraser Coast. Coastal schemes in the UK are typically constructed with a 1 in 200-year standard protection, which is a bit higher than similar structures here in Australia, but the general principals remain the same.

I am excited to bring my experiences from the UK to Australia and develop my personal skills as well as working with the team here in Australia to deliver a variety of projects.

Figure 2: Not a bad first site inspection.

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