Happy third birthday JBP!

November 2019 marked the third birthday of our Australian office, and the fifth year of the JBA Group working throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

This years' projects have spanned India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines; working on cyclones and typhoons, monsoons, storm surges and coastal erosion projects. In Australia we have completed a national cyclone alert tool, three Council-focused extreme weather forecasting systems, mapped flooding through two entire Council regions, two of our coastal engineering schemes have been constructed, and we have modelled the erosion prone areas over 100km of coastline.

But our favourite projects will always be those here in Queensland - the most natural disaster-prone state in Australia. For those passionate about increasing community resilience to natural disasters - this is the place our work has the most impact.

To support our passion of working in extreme weather we have now grown to a team of ten. We welcome:

  • Will Prentice - our Technical Director for Flood Risk

  • Anna Meyer - our Business Manager

  • Ellie and Barney - our flood hydraulic modellers

  • Sam and Lauchy - our hydrologists and forecasting system developers

  • Ollie, Clare, Mike and myself (Dan) working on coastal engineering and coastal processes.

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