Another Cat 3 cyclone for WA, while the east floods

Whilst we had an unusually late start this year, two cyclones in two weeks has made up for lost time.

Over on the West Coast TC Damien started as a broad area of low pressure in the Timor Sea, intensifying as it moved along the Kimberley coast. Winds turned hurricane-force on Friday 7 Feb 2020, with the system making landfall as a Category 3 severe tropical cyclone near Dampier on Saturday afternoon. Several Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) were directly under its path as it made landfall, with the Karrathra Aero AWS showing some amazing measurements as it recorded the cyclone 'eye' passing overhead.

Meanwhile over on the east coast we were brushed by TC Uesi as it made its way down from Port Villa in Vanuatu. We saw daily rainfall totals of over 250mm in the Tweed Heads region (around 1 in 5-year intensity). The local surfers were kept busy with offshore waves of over 4m (Hs) with individual waves approaching 7m (Hmax).

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