Reflecting on three months in the private sector

Following 12 years’ in local government across two different Council’s, I made the decision to move to JBPacific in November last year.

I had dabbled in a bit of private work from time to time, but after being a long-term local government employee, I definitely had a desire to diversify my professional career and to use my expertise in flood risk to help more people, so with the support (and a gentle push) from my family I made the leap.

So what has the change to consultancy been like?

Well let me start by saying, the ability to work with (and for) my community in managing flood risk is something I will never forget. Local government definitely instilled a passion in me to help the community to understand flood risk, to effectively plan for flooding and to implement measures to help mitigate the impact of flooding on people, property, infrastructure and the environment.

Joining JBPacific has enabled me to take my knowledge of local government systems and flood risk to a more broad range of stakeholders – and by broad, I mean 9158km of travel in the first quarter, meeting new people who face flood hazards and helping to identify, plan and implement solutions to deliver sustainable flood risk management outcomes.

The ability to leverage the combined knowledge of a global consultancy that specialises in coastal engineering, floodplain management and risk is incredible! The investment the JBA Group make in research and development is significant – and for someone like me who likes to challenge the norm and is constantly looking for ways to do things more efficiently that’s important.

There is no doubt the day-to-day intensity is higher, but I’m feeling really valued and that is both rewarding and motivating. The first three months has also provided an opportunity to expand my knowledge on the engineering and science of multiple hazards, including coastal processes and cyclones – for someone who has always loved knowledge and numbers, its heaven!

JBPacific has also allowed me to build a team of like-minded passionate engineers and scientists, focused on the challenges of current and future natural hazards.

So in summary – I am thankful that I started my career in local government, it gave me experience that I believe has set positive ethical and moral foundations. And now I am working in a fast paced, innovative, globally-focused company that is empowering me to do exciting and meaningful work. I am loving the learning curve and look forward to continuing to make a difference for people affected by flooding.

Hope I get to cross paths with you on this new journey soon!


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