Returning to the engineering world

For the last five years, I was working in academia on fluvial geomorphology and river restoration research projects. Following completion of my PhD, I decided to move into the consulting industry, and started this new part of my career at JBPacific in November 2019.

I have spent a significant part of my professional life engaging in research, expanding my knowledge on fluvial geomorphology with an emphasis on improving river habitat conditions. This helped me to gain solid background in stream naturalization, such as applying in-channel structures (e.g., pool and riffles) to enhance channel stabilization and to improve hydraulic, morphologic, and biological conditions of urban streams. Through my MScEng, I had the opportunity to work on other aspect of river restoration to investigate the impact of vegetation (e.g. riparian buffer strips) on controlling flood and sediment transport.

I’ve always desired to observe the practicality of research in engineering. Joining JBPacific as a partner of the JBA Group, gave me the opportunity to be involved in diverse engineering projects and work in my area of interest. I am now contributing to flood study projects and have this prospect to use my gaining skills in other related fields such as natural flood management.

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