JBPacific venture into the maritime sector

JBP project catalogue is expanding into the maritime sector.

JBP have recently showcased a lot of our climate disaster adaptation studies and capabilities including a suite of expertise in cyclone modelling, extreme weather forecasting systems, flood mapping, coastal erosion modelling, and the list goes on... Not only do our capabilities lie in the theoretical modelling space but in the past three years we have taken on the full design of a spectrum of structures in the coastal environment. Most of which have now been constructed or currently awaiting to be taken through to construction. As a summary, the following are a short overview of the structures we have designed; geotextile sand container (GSC) seawall and beach nourishment, GSC groynes R&D, rubble mound breakwater, rock armour revetments, canal revetment and retaining wall stabilisation.

Most recently, JBP have been providing design services for the replacement and upgrade to barge landing facilities servicing Fraser Island. The works include conceptual review of the alignment, geometry, and berthing procedures of the ferry services. Following a review of the initial stage, JBP will take the design through to detailed design and provide support during construction.

With a strong in-house modelling team, the design is supplemented by a suite of models for design inputs, including storm tide verification, design storm conditions, and currents modelling. Utilising a dynamic project team allows early interaction and early transparency of modelling limitations which can be fed through design assumptions, including in depth sensitivity analysis where required.

The landing facilities are exposed to waves, high seasonal winds and currents. Therefore, as in many coastal applications, a robust design that can be constructed safely and promptly in a tidal influenced area is key to a successful delivery.

What would be your preferred method for constructing the works?

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