Tidal Inundation studies and Coastal Vulnerability Area (CVA) mapping

Understanding the drivers of coastal risk is very important for the community. To assist communities to better understand coastal management issues, to evaluate coastal risks and to make management decisions about the coastal zone, detailed studies are required to determine risk from coastal hazards. Coastal hazards include: beach erosion, shoreline recession, coastal instability and inundation caused by tidal waters and the action of waves.

To identify areas that may be vulnerable to coastal processes now or in the future, we are helping local governments in New South Wales develop their Coastal Vulnerability Area (CVA) mapping to fulfil Stage 2 of the Coastal Management Program (CMP), in compliance with the Coastal Management Act 2016 and the State Environmental Planning Policy (Coastal Management) 2018. This information will assist councils to identify coastal vulnerability areas for land use planning and emergency management.

To complete these packages of work we have been developing detailed tidal inundation models and performing GIS analysis on available Council datasets. Our coastal and fluvial modelling teams have been working together to validate models against some extensive gauge records along the NSW coast. We have been really interested to see some of the impacts we are likely to witness as a result of climate change forced changes in the ocean system in the future, something we are really focussing down on in some of our internal research projects.

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