Coastal modelling guidance for Queensland

We are excited to be working with the Douglas Shire Council on this project to review innovative coastal inundation methodologies and to develop new guidance for storm tide mapping in Queensland. A big thank you needs to go to the Queensland Government, who are funding the project through their Innovation and Improvement Fund. See more about it here: I hope that this project will bring an end to the simplistic ‘bath-tub’ modelling that has been used to map storm surges through areas of varying dunes, vegetation and coastal defences. Whilst this approach still lingers in Australia it has a long list of problems that undermine the great work undertaken in climatology, tide and wave modelling. We hope that new coastal inundation modelling approaches being used throughout the world can be trialled for our project and new guidance offered for other coastal Councils. For any of our international colleagues, we would love to hear from you if you have implemented any new research, processes, tools or techniques – both the positives and the negatives. Already on our list are coupled or standalone models such as Xbeach, EurOtop Neural network, Tuflow, Mike21, Delft3D and Flow3D. If you know of anything else and have a case study handy, please get in touch.

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