The human side of flood recovery

As a flood engineer I am used to playing a role in assisting with flood intelligence on where and when flooding is potentially going to occur.

It seems that major flood events are occurring more frequently, with response to major flood events in 2010/11 Brisbane River Floods, 2013 Roma Floods, 2015 severe weather event, 2017 Logan Albert River Floods, 2019 Monsoon floods in north Queensland and now the 2021 NSW floods.

I have had the opportunity to also support the community during the response phase, which really highlights the pyscho-social elements of human-social recovery as well as infrastructure and environmental recovery. Watching the significant rainfall event unfold across much of NSW and Queensland brought back many memories of the impact to people and their property. I can vividly remember wading out through flood waters in the middle of the night during the 2010/11 floods and those sounds, sights and feelings of that night come flooding back (pardon the pun) even today.

I am now pleased to be able to support more communities to work with their insurers to build back quickly.

If you want to know more, or to talk about flooding at your property, please get in touch with William Prentice, our Technical Director for Flood Risk, at:

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