Our Technology


Through the use of technology we integrate all elements of science, engineering and forecasting

A coastal asset inspections, management and prioritisation tool.

Our Australian flood maps are available throughout Australia at a 30m grid

Mobile data collection and online management

A near real-time, national scale, flood prediction tool to understand impacts as they occur

Flood statistics tool for aggregated boundaries, based on the underlying flood potential at different return periods

Flood economic appraisals and benefit:cost assessments

An operational management and forecasting system for the marine sector

A weather impact forecasting system for the transport sector used for early warning of weather disruptions

Bespoke forecasting systems for local governments and emergency services

Our international flood maps for the entire Asian-Indo-Pacific region


Our catastrophe (CAT) model for flooding insurance loss estimation

Emergency management in a simulated environment for government and emergency services

A super fast flood model built using GPU technology

Flood infrastructure screening and impact assessment tool 

Physical tools used to demonstrate hydrologic, hydraulic and coastal processes

Extreme statistical analysis using multivariate probability for risk assessments and engineering design

​A planning, optimisation and site-based forecasting system for construcion and mining operations. 

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